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Costa de Almería

The Costa de Almería is synonymous with tranquility, space, nature, gastronomy and art. Extensive beaches, many of which are completely unspoiled, make the Costa de Almería one of the most attractive destinations on the Andalusian coast.

On the beachfront are five Best Hotels establishments: four modern 4-star establishments (Best Sabinal & Best Roquetas in Roquetas de Mar, and Best Indalo, Best Mojácar and Best Oasis Tropical in Mojácar) with an 18-hole golf course next door; and a holiday complex (Best Pueblo Indalo in Mojácar) with large apartments and numerous facilities.

Roquetas de Mar

Roquetas de Mar stems from the sea.

It takes its name from the sea ("mar" is "sea" in Spanish) and it has never abandoned its origins. It has many leisure and cultural attractions on offer to visitors who choose this area as the perfect holiday and relaxation destination. The beach and sea are its biggest draw. Roquetas de Mar has 15 kilometres of coastline (all of which is beach, with the exception of Aguadulce Port and Roquetas de Mar Port). From Aguadulce to Roquetas de Mar you can enjoy urban beaches with all kinds of accessible services, a beach promenade, showers, bathrooms, etc. and unspoiled beaches, such as Cerrillos at Punta Entinas-Sabinar and Ventilla.

If you are visiting this area you should explore its natural spaces, headed by Punta Entinas-Sabinar Natural Space, which is the only biosphere reserve in the province. It has walking and cycling routes available. If you enjoy diving, make sure to visit Posidonias Oceánicas Barrier Reef, which is a true forest under the sea.

Mojácar beaches

Mojácar has over 17 kilometres of beaches that are divided into beaches located by the town with all kinds of services (beach bars, water activity facilities) and southern beaches and coves that are less busy and which are the ideal refuge for divers and people looking for the peace and quiet of unspoiled places.

Mojácar's coastline stretches from Marina de la Torre (opposite the golf course), bordering Garrucha, and to Rambla de la Granatilla, at the stunningly beautiful district of Sopalmo, just a few kilometres from the beginning of Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park and next to Carboneras.

Mojácar Pueblo

The town of Mojácar is noticeable from afar. The majestic amalgam of white houses swirling around the last spur of the Sierra de Cabrera constitutes an impressive view. Once within the labyrinth, you can discover even more beauty among its narrow streets adorned with colourful flowers that contrast with the whitewashed walls and the intense blue sky. Every corner will amaze you and transport you back in time to the town's Arab past as it shows you the life of its inhabitants. Its historic centre is internationally recognised as "one of the most beautiful towns in Spain". From its viewpoints you can enjoy wonderful views of the sea and further inland. Old, diverse peoples and cultures have inhabited this town, all of whom have left their mark. Mojácar, due to its location, coast, pleasant climate and quality of life, is a highly sought after destination. Its people are friendly and welcoming, and they are used to sharing and chatting with visitors who often decide to become inhabitants. They care for their surrounding area and decorate their homes with pots and flowers.

Cabo de Gata Natural Park

A few kilometres away from Mojácar you will find Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, a paradise by the Mediterranean Sea and the first sea-land natural park in Andalusia, which includes one of the most beautiful sections of coastline on the Mediterranean.

Fans of unique destinations who appreciate the few places on the Mediterranean coast that still remain untouched by fierce urban planning and tourism will find a detailed guide available to discover the essential aspects of the park and the magical details that lie in wait.

In the park you can admire a section of coast marked by cliffs, small coves, extensive beaches and even reefs that have become one of the natural gems of tourism in Almeria, Andalusia and Spain in general.

Vera Water Park

At Vera Beach you will find this wonderful water park, where you can enjoy a day of fun with your family and friends. You can enjoy the following water attractions here: Kamikaze, Black Holes, Adventure River, slides and green spaces. It has excellent facilities and endless recreation areas: multi-purpose courts, picnic area, sunbeds, children's area, wave pools, lake pools, children's pool...

A summer without visiting Vera Water Park isn't really summer.

Oasys Theme Park

Tabernas Desert in Almeria, which is the only desert in Europe, is the setting of old film sets of historic American Western movies.

Oasys: A colourful world.

Converted into the most original theme park on the Mediterranean coast with live shows, a large zoo with over 800 animals of 200 different species, a swimming pool area and a large selection of restaurants, this is the perfection leisure destination. You can visit the sheriff's office, saloon, supply store, bank, funeral parlour, barber's, Carriage Museum, Film Museum and everything else offered by the Wild West.

Celebrations and traditions

The historic, cultural and religious influence of different peoples, such as the Iberians, Greeks, Romans and, in particular, the Arabs, has left a mark on everyday life in the area and its traditions. There were no winners or losers, and this spirit of Muslim, Christians and Jewish essence and mutual respect still remains in the people of Mojácar. They carefully prepare for the celebrations that see a parade combine the public, actors, costumes, music, troupes, horses, dance and many other ingredients, composing before the astonished eyes of spectators a spectacle of light, colour, commotion and friendship in a story worthy of A Thousand and One Nights. Mojácar celebrates festivals and traditions year round, with highlights including Easter, the Día de la Vieja and Los Moros y Cristianos.


One of Mojácar's greatest attractions is its almost unspoiled coastline. The sea invites all kinds of water sports and activities, including sailing, surfing, jet skiing, water skiing, fishing and diving. There are many facilities available, as well as shops and schools in Mojácar and the nearby Garrucha Marina. The mountains also have their fans as there are many hiking and mountaineering options.

The good climate, many hours of sun and extensive spaces enable golf fans to enjoy their favourite sport here. The various courses include Marina Golf Mojácar, which is located in the same residential area as two Best Hotels (Best Mojácar and Best Oasis Tropical), named Marina de la Torre. This is a wonderful 18-hole, par 72 golf course with excellent views of the sea.


Being a popular tourist destination, commerce and services are the largest sectors in Mojácar's economy. The town has many leisure options that are mainly located at the beach. Beach bars, music and a good atmosphere can be found at any time of day or night on the coast. In general, tourists are frequent as a good atmosphere is guaranteed in Mojácar. It is known as Andalusia's "mini Ibiza" and is a place where you can escape from your everyday stress.